Of Whiskey and Wine

Don’t bring me a dusty half a bottle of Crown Royal from your cabinet and expect a discount…

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It’s Not an Option

I’m tired. I mean TIIIIIII-RED. I’m burnt out. No, literally. Baconated. I love living in SoCal because we have the best weather in the world. 72º and sunny is the norm here year round. Well, it used to be. Given, it’s still pretty even temped here, but the last few weeks we’ve had some doozies […]

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Mastering the Con Game

When you think “con game”, you think of being swindled, stolen from, hoodwinked. But that’s not the whole story. While the original “Confidence Man” (con man) was set on deception, you have to admire the root of it (just hear me out…). The whole scheme behind “a con” is to gain your mark’s confidence by […]

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Watch This…

I come from a long line of preachers, teachers and orators. I am none of these. But sometimes God delivers a message from the most unlikely source. Like a lady who pours liquor in a cake and convinces you it’s perfectly ok to indulge… So you’ve seen how business is growing, right? New projects, clients […]

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Go ahead and get your church fans out cuz it’s Testimony Time!!!!!

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