The Caketails

Cake + Cocktail = Caketail

Hand-crafted, original and delivered fresh, my Caketails are made specifically for you. Each has a generous amount of your favorite libation swirled into the batter and basted on after baking.  They are not intended to get you tipsy, but to showcase that spirit’s flavor in a classy new light (No bottles, no pipettes. We’re grown ups over here.)

Just want a great cake, but no alcohol? Try my Pink Slippers flavors! I can make just about any cake spirited (Red) or straight (Pink), so just let me know what’s tickling your fancy.

Classic Flavors
Full-sized Caketails $40
Twin-Size Caketail $20
Mini Caketails (8pc) $25


Specialty and Premium Recipe Upgrades
A Premium Recipe upgrade provides a richer, more velvety cake with a greater combination of ingredients and spirits. Mark the box on your order for that $5 upgrade. Specialty flavors are the Premium Recipe beauties I offer monthly or seasonally that are a cut above the rest. They may run up to $10 more per cake, but are worth every penny!

Veganize Your Cake for only $5 more!

I have been pulled kicking and screaming into this, but, Yes, my latest endeavor has been in making Red Shoes proverbially “green”. As most of you know, i’m a box baker. Betty Crocker and i have been good friends for about 40 years and i trust her with my whole heart. I’ve recently come to find that most of her box mixes are 100% plant based, meaning they do not contain milk or egg products in the dry mix. So building on that, i can:

  • Substitute eggs with applesauce, banana or flax egg.
  • Substitute cow milk with hemp, nut or coconut milk.
  • Use plant-based options for most toppings, including caramel!

Now, I cannot claim that my cakes are organic or non-GMO, as the mix itself isn’t. If you really need them to be, those certified mixes and ingredients run up to 5x the price of my standard ingredients, which will greatly increase the cost of the cake. Using the above substitutions, you can veganize most of my flavors for only $5 more. We’ll work out pricing per order if you want the certified items.