Let’s Celebrate!

Who needs a “holiday” to celebrate? Not you! Any time is a good time to have a party with an amazing dessert table set up by yours truly! With a bevy of flavors and dessert options, you can wow your guests and tickle your tastebuds!

Build your table to suit your taste and guest count.

Each bite sized dessert is priced by the set (12, 18 or 30), so based on the number of partiers, we will come up with a suitable array to satisfy everyone!

What happens when you layer cake, alcohol, creme and a little something extra? You make a fool of yourself! (It wouldn’t have been as funny if i said “You make a parfait of yourself”, now would it?) At 2.5oz, these little powerhouses pack a punch of flavor and a visual wow factor for your guests! Just let me know what cake and spirit, and wait for the ooohs… $30/dozen

Twin Bitesbites 
My Twin size cake is about half the size of a Full. Sliced just right, it makes about 30 little delicious bites of heaven. Just as moist and fluffy as a full sized Red Shoe (or Pink Slipper), but only half the guilt! (If you choose to feel guilty. I don’t know what that is.) $30/30 bites plated.

Mini ManiaMinis 
Minis are palm-sized portions of pastry perfection! Now put 18 of those on a platter or stand and you’ve got a profusion of pleasure! Ok, i put a pause on it now… You can order up to 3 flavors per order, so go crazy with it! $65/18 minis  

Take a mini and shrink it. Put some topping on it and you have just enough cake to nibble on. You could pretend to be dainty and bite it, or just be real and stuff the whole thing in your mouth at once. $25/dozen 

I’ve had my share of gross cake pops. Extra sweet Play-doh covered in thick candy turns me way off. That’s why I make Sipps! I’m baking you fresh cake, hand-rolling it with a little frosting and the alcohol of your choice, and lightly coating them. I try to stay frosting-free or extra light with these so you can really savor the flavor! $25/dozen

Let your guests have all the fun building their own Caketail! I’ll bring personal sized cakes in Vanilla, Lemon and Chocolate, four spirit spritz (you choose the alcohols), three toppings (Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel) and personally create the combinations of their dreams! $7/cake (addl toppings extra), plus $60 service fee (yes, you even get my witty repertoire for your party!).