Brunch Time

Sun shining brightly, a soft breeze lifting the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle across the deck, you feel your spirits rising…

…either that, or you’re feeling the whiskey in the waffles.

Yes, i put whiskey in the waffles. Southern Comfort Caramel whiskey to be exact. And in some other stuff too!

Welcome to brunch Red Shoe style – where the ordinary is no such thing. I’ve taken some of your favorite morning flavors, Red Shoe’d them and made them into bite-sized morsels perfect to pair with quiche lorraine, fig and bacon tarts, or even tater tot casserole…

The quintessential brunch beverage in pastry form. Sparkling wine and either orange or peach nectars flavor this batter. Then we top with a light ginger creme and the complementary fruit.

Name your fruit and I’ll mix it with aged rum, coconut rum and lime to create your own personal beachside bites. Topped with a lime glaze, all you’ll need is a drink umbrella and shades!

Caramel Macchiato
With just a hint of coffee in the mix, the oaky sweetness of caramel and whiskey shine in this combination. A light drizzle of whiskey-infused caramel tops these show stoppers.

Amaretto Chai
The spices of this fragrant Indian tea dance perfectly with the sweet notes of almond in the amaretto. They are then robed with a crunchy spiced sugar blend.

Bibi’s Bundts
Named after my Aunt Brenda, these little divas will be the stars of your brunch. Orange liqueur, cinnamon and orange flavor the cake, then the treats are topped with a secret recipe streusel made with smoky bacon, toasted pecans, cinnamon and brown sugar. Irresistible!

These select flavors are exclusive to my brunch menu and are available as Nibbles, Minis and Waffles.

Nibbles $25/dozen
Minis $40/dozen
Waffles $25/16 wedges
Bibi’s $5 additional