My Cakedom

Take a leisurely stroll through the pages of my world, being unapologetically tempted and seduced by what you see. My cakes are a fully sensual experience that you’ll only truly understand once you have had them, so be sure to talk to me before you go…

Caketails (Red)
Cake + Cocktail = Caketail! Each original Red Shoe Caketail combines your favorite libations with moist, light cake to create a flavor sensation like you’ve never had before.

Pink Slippers (Pink)
We don’t sacrifice Virgins… We feed them to you. These ladies have all the sensuality of a Red Shoe, but without the alcohol.

Build Your Own
If you’re truly Grown & Sexy, you remember the movie “Weird Science”. Well here’s your opportunity to build the ladies of your dreams!

Party Displays
A party without cake is just a gathering, right? Take a look at the variety of delicious, bite-sized desserts I can create as a party table for you.

Savory, sweet and unexpected, our brunch menu treats will make your place the hotspot for afternoon get-togethers!