Pink Slippers

I don’t sacrifice Virgins…

I feed them to you.

Pink Slippers are non-alcoholic versions of my Red Shoe Caketails. All of the sweet, moist decadence of their adult counterparts, but with none of the spirits.

There are 7 delicious hand-crafted flavors to choose from, available in Full Sized, Twin, Mini, Sipps, Shooters and Nibbles.

Don’t see the flavor you’re craving? Let me know and we’ll custom design one together!

Full-sized Slipper $25

Twin Size Slipper  $15

Mini Slippers (12pc) $30

Sipps  (1 doz)  $25

Shooters (1 doz) $30

Nibbles (1 doz)  $25

Upgrade to my Premium Recipe for $5 more!
Premium Recipe provides a richer, even more moist cake (is that possible?!) with a greater combination of ingredients! (Not available for Sipps or Shooters.)