Go ahead and get your church fans out cuz it’s Testimony Time!!!!!

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Here We Go!

New year, new goals. New visions, new plans. New shoes, new hair. You know how it goes. So my vision board has started to slowly come to fruition and i’m super excited to see what’s going to play out in the new year! Here it is, let’s go over it: Weddings – ehh, we’ll get […]

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So yeah…

I saw that i haven’t written to you in almost a month, despite the dizzying array of events swirling around me, so i’m putting pixel to page to purge. You ready?

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This is harder than it looks.

If you check my phone, you’d think i was rather vain… I’ve taken about 200 selfies in the last year! Most of the time, it’s because i was having a really good hair day, eyebrow or eyeliner day and have to capture every angle of it, but a lot of them are random goofy shots […]

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