Will He, Won’t He?

It’s been too long, i know. Charge it to my head, not my heart as I’ve been extremely busy preparing for and executing this cross country move. I’m excited and blessed to say i am firmly on Georgia red clay and figuring things out one minute at a time. It’ll still be a little while […]

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Go ahead and get your church fans out cuz it’s Testimony Time!!!!!

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Here We Go!

New year, new goals. New visions, new plans. New shoes, new hair. You know how it goes. So my vision board has started to slowly come to fruition and i’m super excited to see what’s going to play out in the new year! Here it is, let’s go over it: Weddings – ehh, we’ll get […]

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This is harder than it looks.

If you check my phone, you’d think i was rather vain… I’ve taken about 200 selfies in the last year! Most of the time, it’s because i was having a really good hair day, eyebrow or eyeliner day and have to capture every angle of it, but a lot of them are random goofy shots […]

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Trying not to lose my mind…

You ever get to that point where all of the projects in your head start to run together, short circuit your brain and start seeping out your ears? No matter how organized you keep things? I’ve got 4 different, rather large and time consuming projects going at the same time, all for RSC, and one […]

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Here’s the Plan…

Have you ever made a vision board? i mean really hunkered down, thought about your future, your goals, your desires, what makes you happy, what you want to improve on, what will satisfy your life? Have you? I know for a fact that i haven’t. Until now. I’ve haphazardly tossed together a little vision board […]

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Nope. Too much…

After having the same conversation twice in the same day, i realized how truly passionate i am about this. I don’t like frosting. The verb or the noun. Frosting and decorating are not my things. “But cake needs frosting! Without it, it’s ju–” Hold up, hold up, I’ma let you finish, but i need to […]

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