Food Safety Certification

Do you know the number one cause of food borne illnesses? How hot should your chicken be before serving? What temp should your freezer be set to?

If you’re not sure, I’ve got the answers. Well actually, I have the whole course. Food safety can make or break your business, so it’s important that you are up to speed on everything to keep your customers healthy.

Let me teach you and your staff the ins and outs of food safety in a fun and easy online course (in-person can also be arranged). I am also certified to administer/proctor the exam. We can meet one-on-one online and dive into the multiple choice test, or we can arrange for your whole staff to take the test at once in a properly socially distanced setting.

Your choice, whether you’re an independent personal creator, a restauranteur, or store manager, first time or seasoned food handler, I’ve got you covered. You can test with or without the course. Either way, I’m confident you’ll pass with flying colors!

let’s get started