Of Fur & Foliage

(This post was written a couple months ago, I just never published it. It’s still very relevant, so i guess you can read it now. Be blessed, y’all!) I was awakened at 430a by a pack of wild dogs rushing into my chamber. Initially, I was frightened, but confusion came quickly to it’s side. Why […]

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Help Me Help You

Bored bakers are dangerous. I’d be even more dangerous if i had the inventory i had in California (40+ boxes and about 10 bottles). Right now i have 3 boxes of mix and am scraping to get more from the ravaged shelves of the stores nearby (make that 2, i made cookies today). My rum, […]

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What’s Next?

Georgia’s motorways are a spiderweb of state roads, backroads and highways. I’ve watched too many crime shows to be comfortable on them alone…

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Will He, Won’t He?

It’s been too long, i know. Charge it to my head, not my heart as I’ve been extremely busy preparing for and executing this cross country move. I’m excited and blessed to say i am firmly on Georgia red clay and figuring things out one minute at a time. It’ll still be a little while […]

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Turkey Trotting

So… in case you missed any of the half dozen announcements i’ve made in the past month, i’m leaving for Georgia at the end of November. I’m not “closing up shop” per se, just going into hibernation for a moment (following my inner spirit animal, Ursus Mater, aka Mama Bear). Come spring, you’ll be seeing […]

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I’ve Got You

I had the pleasure of participating in another Network N’ Chill event the other weekend. The first one we did last November was a new experience for me in that, unlike the farmer’s markets, the event was really more about the networking with other vendors than walk-up customers. Customers were there in numbers, but the […]

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As i’ve mentioned before, i’m a rather linear person. I like things to be orderly, or at the very least, sensible. I prefer to be on time, though life sometimes dictates otherwise. I like for people to be where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to be doing when they’re supposed to be […]

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