Turkey Trotting

So… in case you missed any of the half dozen announcements i’ve made in the past month, i’m leaving for Georgia at the end of November. I’m not “closing up shop” per se, just going into hibernation for a moment (following my inner spirit animal, Ursus Mater, aka Mama Bear). Come spring, you’ll be seeing a whole new Red Shoe Cakes. Well, mostly new. Kinda new. I’d tell you more, but…

My last day at my job, after 7.5 years, will be November 15th. After that, I’m running willynilly till my husband flies in on Thanksgiving. I had thought i would be moving before TDay, but the fates say otherwise. Seeing how i’ll have no particular schedules to follow, i’ll have time to bake for Thanksgiving! Previously I had said that i was only taking orders through 11/1, but for you, and only for you my blog and email followers, i’ll pull some magic out of my boxes to create a holiday table spread to brag about. Whether just one full-sized cake, or a full-on dessert spread, i’ve got you covered. Let me know at your earliest which lady/ies you’d like adorning your table.

In addition to my regular flavors, look out for my fall flavors! While they will incorporate the warm, toasty notes of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and allspice, i solemnly promise you there will be not nary none a pumpkin in sight**. Apples, pears, oranges, carrots, even sweet potatoes will be on the menu, but pumpkin will be glaringly absent. It’s not just because i don’t care for pumpkin, it’s not just because “Pumpkin Spice” everything is doing way too much right now, but because there are sooooooo many other flavors that play beautifully with spices and warm feelings. Just imagine what they’ll do with caramel, pecans and cranberries… Yummm!!!

Now, once i hit the highway, RSC will be on pause for a while. I may get in a cake or two here and there, but until i get my own kitchen (or piggyback in a commercial kitchen) and my paperwork together, i won’t be doing events or big orders. Yes, i absolutely could run my hustle without alerting the powers that be, but that’s not how i operate. God gave me this business for His glory, so i have to do what’s honorable. I have my plans and ideas of what i want to accomplish out there, but so it was prophesied to me last week, God has already set my table, i just gotta keep pressing to get to it! I’m excited to see what He has in store for me.

So give me a holler and let’s plan out your holiday feast. I appreciate you giving me something to do for those two weeks, and put a little traveling cash in my pocket. Talk to you soon!

** Ok, i said there would be no pumpkins, but these are so darn cute, i had to show them off! But they’re not pumpkin spice, they’re Nightcap Nibbles in pumpkin costumes. Totes Adorbs, right! These can be made in any flavor to add a festive touch to your dessert table.

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