True Story…

I showed my mother i could read by reading
Girl Scout cookie boxes.

Picture this – Long Beach, 1976… I was a wee 4 year old who had memorized most of the books in my bookshelf and was looking to stretch my literary wings. My sister was a Girl Scout and my mom was a Cookie Mom. In other words, our living room was stacked high with green, yellow, purple and orange boxes (goes to show you how much has changed in 40+ years). So the tale goes, i picked up a box and started reading the story on the back aloud. It took my mom a moment to register what i was reading, so then she switched boxes, thinking maybe i’d heard it read before. So i read that box. And the next one. And then the other one again. Young genius? Well… (dusts off shoulders)

So began my love affair with GSC (and reading, but mostly cookies). My mom has faithfully purchased a couple boxes every year since, a habit that i unwaiveringly carried into my adulthood. Even in the years i thought i was sugar-fasting for Lent, i still bought a couple boxes. We all know how well they freeze, so that was my excuse… I had actually gotten myself so trained that i could keep a box of frozen Thin Mints for 6 months! That’s willpower! And a cluttered freezer, cuz more often than not, the sleeve got lost in there somewhere…

So now in my golden age of caking and creating, i did this:

Thicc Mint… Rich chocolate fudge cake enhanced with creme de cacao liqueur and New Amsterdam vodka, and pushed over the top with both crushed Thin Mints and creme de menthe liqueur. Extra chocolatey, extra minty. Welcome to your new addiction. Available vegan.

And this…

Savvy Smile… Mirroring the cookie Savannah Smiles, this extra moist cake is bright with fresh lemon, lemon curd and both lemon and vanilla vodkas. It’s so moist, the powdered sugar kept dissolving! So I’ll coat it in a thin glaze and sprinkle it with zest. Even though the cookie isn’t, the cake is available vegan.

Then i really messed up with these…

Sa’Moah Please… Jason Mamoa looked hella sexy on the mock boxes of Samoas cookies, but this lady is a tad bit sexier! Caramel pudding cake, Finlandia coconut vodka, real butter caramel with Southern Comfort caramel whiskey, and dark chocolate ganache stripped over shaved toasted coconut. Unapologetically not vegan…
ButtaBaby – This joy is no Tagalong, she leads the pack! Moist peanut butter cake is enriched with both Disaronno Amaretto and vanilla vodka, then drizzled with dark chocolate ganache. Pictured is the Shooter version, sprinkled with mini chocolate morsels!

Girl Scout Cookie Season has descended again like a swarm of sweet, crunchy locusts to devour our waistlines and willpower. Oh the delicious agony! And now i’ve gone and made Caketails out of them. At 100x their original cookie size (give’r take), these creations are chock full of the flavors you love PLUS a robust combination of complementary spirits to make them “grown up friendly”.

And then i’m making Shooters out of them too! Layering cake with cookie with cocktails with creme… Oh my… I proffer zero apologies for the mess you’re about to get into. Aaaaaannnndddd…. As you can see, i’m offering select options vegan as well! (My latest expedition, veganizing my cakes, has been quite an adventure. They’re not organic or non-GMO, but they are 100% plant based, so there’s that…)

This isn’t just for your tastebuds though, it’s for your giving spirit. I’ll be donating 20% of the proceeds from the sale of these Caketails and Shooters back to Girl Scouts of America at the end of the month. The more you buy, the more i can give! Full size $50, Shooters $30/doz. Add $5 to veganize.

So let’s get cookiecake wasted!!!!

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