2019 is…


wide open.

behind the power curve.

How would you describe the new year? I know it’s only two weeks old, but does your current description match your prophetic description? Has your year started in the direction you want to see it continue? For me, not in the slightest. As you know, I spent the last week of the year in Georgia visiting my family and putting eyes on my future home/business area. I saw trees. There are trees. Lots of flippin’ super tall trees… And a noticeable lack of street lights. But i digress… Despite the fresh, clean country air, by the time i landed back at LAX, my throat was swollen and irritated. I woke the next morning with a fever. Oh happy New Year’s Eve to you too…

I had an order of 15 jumbos i needed to deliver to Louisiana Charlie’s that afternoon, so i called in reinforcements, wrote my recipes down (gasp!), sat out of breathing range and watched it get done. Once my assistant left to drop them off, i crawled back into bed. Other than a trip to Urgent Care two days later, and a second trip 4 days after that, that’s where i stayed for the better part of 2 weeks. Most of those days, i felt “ok”; body was fine, but throat was a living inferno. No talking, no hot food or beverage, no cold food or beverage, no salt, acid or vinegar, no rhyme or reason behind what i could and couldn’t eat to avoid pain. I’m not much of a grumpy person, but i was fit to be tied. Three things you don’t mess with: My kids, my money and my food. Feel me?

Not being able to speak, i couldn’t go to work (messing with my $), so i was stuck at home basically quarantined. To stave off death by boredom, I created my Valentine’s models. Along with the others below, I made an attempt at a handful of strawberry Sipps. An attempt, i say. I kinda overfilled my cake forms and… well… i now know how to make something that looks like a busted hard boiled egg for Easter. (They weren’t pretty, like at all…) But i’m getting new Sipps pans this week, so there might be hope yet! — For those unaware, i’m sidestepping conformity and baking my cake balls now instead of rolling them with ridiculous amounts of frosting to make them doughy, and then covering them in more frosting. So you’ll get light, fluffy morsels of cake coated in crunchy flavored sugar, sprinkles, cocoa powder or something else less sweet. Which means you can eat a whole lot more of them… tee hee hee…  I’ll post pix once i perfect them.

So yeah, we’re going to bypass January altogether — except for acknowledging both my father’s (1/25) and my son’s (1/27) birthdays — and bounce into February! I know there are 27 other days in Feb, but the one we cakers are all about is Valentine’s Day! The pinnacle of Hallmark holidays! So let’s dive into the lovefest…

First up, we have a trio of heart-shaped strawberry minis covered in chocolate whip and mini morsels. The super moist cake can be made with or without Amaretto. The order of course comes gift wrapped ready to share with your sweetheart for only $15!

Then there’s this beauty, a jumbo sized dark chocolate cake (2x the size of a mini), chock full of Ol Smoky Chocolate Cherry Moonshine and cherry bits. Then it’s topped with vanilla creme and a couple more cherries. It skirts the edge of being “sweet”, so for those who aren’t sugary fans, this is the business. Just watch out for those cherries. They’re definitely “Drunk in Love”! Two jumbos gift wrapped for a loving $15.

Check the sexy swirl on this one! My Twin is just big enough to share with your SO (or not, that’s up to you). This little lady is triple chocolate with a swirl of strawberry cake that can be laced with either Red Berry brandy or Amaretto. She can also be cherry if you prefer, brimming with cherry rum or Amaretto. I’m pretty sure there will be some loving after you enjoy this, but i can at least say you’ll get this much love for only $30.

So even though 2019 didn’t start off with the right bang, i’m confident that it’s going to show up and show out pretty shortly! Let’s claim this: 2019 is exceeding my expectations!

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